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Wire harness for SCHURTER Products

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Wire harness

The wire harness service includes several types of ready-to-install wires, cables, or wire harnesses with custom-specific end-terminal connections. The SCHURTER products such as IEC 320 connectors, power entry modules, or filter products with quick connect, solder, or screw-on terminals can be assembled with the above custom-specific interconnection solutions.

Connector / power entry module products

As power entry elements or so-called PEM (Abbreviation for Power Entry Module) refer to items that contain, in addition to a pure plug-in device more functional elements, such as switch, circuit breaker, fuse holder, voltage selector.

EMC connector filter

EMC connectors and PEMs are IEC60320 inlets equipped with an EMC filter function and provide the necessary attenuation to meet in the stringent EMC requirements in the various application fields.

The above-mentioned components with various interconnection terminal types such as quick connect, solder, or screw-on terminals are available with wire harnesses (for details see catalog data sheet respectively the WEB selector).

Quick connect / fast-on terminals

The quick connect or fast-on terminals correspond to metal mounting clamps with standard dimensions, typically in the size of 4.8 x 0.8 mm, 6.3 x 0.8 mm. The dimensions of the connections are specified in the product data sheet of the connector or power entry module component. Accordingly, the flexible wire end needs to be assembled by a quick-connect terminal of a female type with the same dimensions.

Solder terminals

Solder connections are made of a coated metal tab for attaching a flexible wire by soldering. The soldering terminals may be of geometrically different characteristics. The dimensions of the solder terminals are given in the product catalog datasheet.

Screw-on terminals

Screw-on terminals are clamp fixtures, and connect flexible wires using threaded pins or holes with screws or nuts.

Flexible wires

Wires used will be available as AWG18, AWG16, and AWG14 cables according to UL3266 in standard colors such as brown, black, bright blue, yellow-green, and customized lengths.

(AWG stands for American Wire Gauge and is a coding for wire diameter, which is mainly used in North America. It features electric lines of stranded and solid wire and is used mainly in electrical engineering to describe the cross-section of wires.)

Wire end terminals

The connections of the wire harness are determined by the selected Power Entry Module part. At the free end, the flexible wires are individually assembled to customers' specifications.

Standard connections are provided for example quick connect terminals 6.3 mm or 4.8 mm, ring terminals M4, or individual leads. Connections are possible with full insulation, partly insulated, or without.

Quick connect terminals 4.8 x 0.8 mm or 6.3 x 0.8 mm

Terminal rings M4 and M5

Wire end stripped

Custom specific

overview: Standard end terminal connections

Product samples with wire harness

5120 Inlet filter with flexible wires and quick connect terminals, fully insulated

KD power entry module with wire harness and custom-specific end terminals

Other product types of the large SCHURTER catalog offering will be included in the wire harness service in the near future.

Further details

At the start of the project, initial samples are provided by the manufacturer to confirm the quality of the components and the interconnections. The serial production can start as soon as the customer release the initial samples and the drawings is ready.

6600 EC11 KFC

Samples with wire harness

Further details about wire harness options can be found on the SCHURTER website inquiry form for wire harnesses.

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