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Can we choose haptic feedback options? For example for silicon/rubber keypads, capacitive touchscreen, resistive touchscreens or capacitive switches.

The best products for mechanical feedback are membrane switches and silicone/rubber keypads. Touchscreens can be programmed to give an acoustic signal when operated.

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Can you optimize the EMC resistance?

For PCAP touchscreens is controller tuning required for the best EMC performance. Our electric engineers will tune the product and assist you with your specific application.

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Can you print in full color?

We can print with limitations in full color. Also is for certain applications digital printing available. Please ask for more details.

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Does SCHURTER Input Systems manufacture the complete touchscreen by itself?

SCHURTER Input Systems uses standard available touchscreens from partner suppliers from Asia. Custom-made products are designed and samples produced in the Dutch facility. Custom volume products are outsourced to a dedicated partner in Asia.

Does the touchscreen work with water?

All resistive touchscreens work with water and moisture. PCAP touchscreens can be programmed to have water rejection capabilities. Please notice that with PCAP touchscreens the functionality will be temporarily switched off, when a large amount of water is detected.

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Do you have your own glass line?

SCHURTER Input Systems does not produce glass in-house. We do although have equipment available to print, cut, and seem the glass to your requirements.

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Do your touchscreens work with gloves?

Yes. Our touchscreens can be prepared for you to use with gloves.

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Is it possible to have a partial illumination of a symbol or lettering?

Yes, partial illumination is possible in one or multiple colors for different operating modes.

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What are the EMC capabilities of your touchscreens?

All touchscreens are 3V/m resistance. If 10V/m is required, special controllers and constructions are available to fulfill this need. For conductive EMC solutions we have up to 10 V. RMS available. For higher requirements, please contact us.

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What backlighting options for membrane and capacitive switches could you offer and suggest?

We can offer LED backlighting, EL backlighting, and some special light-guided solutions.

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What is the optimum timing to involve Schurter Input Systems in our design?

For the best cost-effective and technical solution, we would like to be early involved in your product design. The best moment is at the start of your new product ideas.


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