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The appliance couplers’ terminals refer to the contacts on the appliance’s interior, designed according to the customers’ individual needs. We distinguish between the following types:

Solder tabs

The solder tab is a plated metal tongue for fastening a connecting stranded wire by soldering it on. The solder tabs’ geometry may vary. The corresponding connection dimensions are listed in the relevant data sheet.

PCB connectors

The PCB connector is a plated metal contact for soldering onto a contact conductor’s contact point on a PCB. We basically distinguish between Through-Hole Technology (THT) and Surface Mount Technology (SMT). The connections’ geometry is specified in the relevant data sheet.

Quick-connect terminals

Quick connect, push-on or blade terminals feature metal blades with standardized dimensions. They are also referred to as faston terminals, typically measuring 4.8 x 0.,8 mm, 6.3 x 0.,8 mm. The terminal dimensions are specified in the relevant data sheet. Correspondingly, the connecting stranded wires must be fitted with flat pin bushings of identical dimensions.

IDC terminals

In IDC terminals respectively connectors (IDC meaning ‘Insulation Displacement Connector’), the strands of the connecting stranded wire or wire are, without prior preparation of the power cord, pushed onto the insulation cutting terminal, the terminal cutting the insulation open and the clamping connection fastening the stranded wire or wire ensuring the electrical connection. In order to ensure a perfect connection, the conductors’ cross-sectional areas as specified in the relevant data sheet must be observed.

Screw-on terminals

Screw-on terminals are simple clamp fasteners using stud screws for fastening the connecting stranded wires.

Stranded wires

The power supply is also possible without using additional cabling components because appliance couplers are available pre-fitted with the connecting stranded wires. Stranded wires pre-fitted with plugs are also available upon request for mounting the power entry module into the target appliance without the need for any further process steps.

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