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  • Fuses and fuse holders

  • Protective switches

  • Pushbuttons

  • Signal lamps

  • Power entry modules

  • Plastoc foil-, metallic-, piezo-capacitive keyboards

  • keyboard systems

  • EMI-filters

  • Inductors

  • IEC and plug connectors

  • Supply cords

PTR Hartmann

  • Pre-selectors

  • PCB decode switches

  • PCB cable clamps

  • Scre clamps

  • Sliding switches

  • Miniature keyboards

  • Micro switches

  • PCB pushbuttons

  • Switches, sockets, panel plugs, connectors

  • Customer specific components

Laird Technologies

  • EMC materials: Shielding housing, electrically conductive elastomers, fabric-over-foam profiles, contact springs, metal mesh, microwave absorbers, ferrites

  • Thermal management: Gap fillers, thermal pastes, phase change materials, thermally conductive insulators, thermally and electrically conductive materials, thermally conductive PCBs


  • Fans including accessory

  • Thermoelectric cooling systems

Knitter Switch

  • Toggle switches

  • Pushbutton switches

  • Sliding switches

  • DIL-switches

  • Rotary switches

  • LED displays

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