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Active & Passive Components

Sharp Opto

  • TFT displays

  • CSTN displays

  • Optoelectronics


  • PICmicro microcontroller

  • DsPIC digital signal controller

  • Power management

  • Sensors, filters, amplifiers

  • A/D and D/A converter

  • High voltage I/O, IR, RF,

  • LCD and LED driver

  • Fan controller

  • Digital peripherals and bus communication

  • Interfaces

  • Serial NV memory

  • KeeLoq secure data products

Bright LED

  • Light emitting diodes

  • 7-segment displays

  • LED dot matrix displays

Signal Construct

  • Signal lamps

  • LED modules

  • Light conductors


  • Piezo-ceramic buzzers

  • Speakers

  • Alarm sirens

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