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Mariusz Duczek

Managing Director Poland

Mariusz Duczek

Everything comes together in my position at SCHURTER as Managing Director for Poland. I can bring in my years of experience in Sales and build something entirely new.

Poland is a leader in economic growth matters in the Eastern European countries. Well-known companies are opening new development centers, branch offices and production sites here. The automotive industry is strong, and the electronic market is also booming. All in all, a promising market for SCHURTER. I am pleased that SCHURTER has given me the responsible position as Managing Director for Poland.

I consider myself and my team to be bridge-builders between East and West. We understand the Eastern European market and the Eastern European mentality. That is a great advantage. At the same time, our different cultural approach to specific tasks is also a challenge for internal communication at SCHURTER. I deliberately say "different". Our approach is not worse and is not better, simply different. It is important to me that we integrate well so that energy and time are not wasted unnecessarily.

Approximately three days out of five I am traveling to visit existing and potential customers as well as suppliers, develop contacts and conduct negotiations. The remaining time I work from the home office. After several years with a workload of 200% at former employers, I appreciate being able to spend quality time with my family again. I also benefit from my studies as an ICF coach (International Coach Federation) which has allowed me to advance both professionally and personally. It helps to understand employees, customers and, last but not least, myself better and to develop my leadership qualities. A really good thing!

The introductory weeks at SCHURTER's head office in Lucerne at the beginning of my employment were really quite rigorous, full of meetings, training sessions and information. But they also helped me to do good networking, become acquainted with a lot of people and acquire a broad range of knowledge about the company. And at SCHURTER one can sit at the table for lunch with the CEO without complications. For me that is an expression of the respect one experiences here.

I appreciate the confidence that SCHURTER has placed in me and feel at ease with it. I take my responsibility seriously and do everything possible to achieve my goals. It may sound corny, but every day is a good day for me. Now is the time to build something great!

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