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Catalog default display

If the SCHURTER Catalog is called from the navigation, the selection list and all available products are displayed immediately below the page navigation in three columns. The number of search hits is displayed on the left and the sorting option on the right under the Selection list.

The presentation is described below for desktop navigation. This is followed by a few remarks on the mobile application.

Display of Catalog Search Results

The search hits are always listed with the number of results. You have the possibility to delete this selection by clicking on the following "X" or by deleting the completed search parameter in the URL.

Filter Products by Parameters

In the product search, individual product parameters such as the protection class are of more interest than the classification of products into product groups. Correspondingly, such disclosures also apply in some cases to all product groups. Filters can be set in all catalog levels, whereby the appropriate filters are suggested in the respective product group.

Filtering according to parameters is done step-by-step. Starting from the first selection, the display of the possible filters is automatically restricted. The order is irrelevant for filtering and can be reversed in any order.

Mobile Display

The mobile display is optimized especially for mobile phones. Accordingly, less information is provided in this presentation. The filters were completely omitted. The navigation is hierarchical and is supplemented by the search.

The presentation of groups and products is reduced to a minimum. The complete product information is available in the PDF datasheet.

Quick search for products

If a partial term of the series or an article number is already known, this search term can be entered into the search field within the selection list. When you hit the Enter key, the hit list is immediately displayed as a proposal list. With the mouse selection of the respective default value, the data sheet opens directly in a new window.

Saving the Catalog Selection

If a product group is selected from the menu, the product group overview is available as a PDF file.

The product overview is generated dynamically from the current product data. This way you can compare the most important product parameters with each other.

Function of selection list for catalog selection

The selection list contains the symbol for opening the filter on the far left. This is followed by the search entry and the superordinate product areas. On the far right is the selection of all products with the term "All".

Selection of product groups

The products are grouped together in the higher-level product groups for easier navigation. The individual product groups are listed below. Details are provided by clicking on a term in the dropdown list within a drop-down menu. Below you will find the most important links to further information.

The selection on the left-hand side selects all product groups that are listed to the right of it. The search results are updated immediately after selection, which closes the drop-down menu, highlights the selected parent group in bold in the drop-down list, updates the number of hits in the selection, and adds a corresponding parameter to the URL.

Sharing Catalog Search Hits

The blue Floating Action Button "Share" on the right-hand side of the catalog includes a possibility to share a selection made, e. g. by e-mail with other people.

Sorting the catalog search results

The search hits can be sorted by the following categories:

1. Most popular: Helps to search for availability

2. Name: Corresponds to the descending alphabetical order.

3. New: The new products are displayed first

4. Phase-Out: Products that have reached the end of their lifecycle

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