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Convincing in terms of design, ecology and innovation

Our Multibox assumes the role of the Building Entry Point (BEP)

MULTIBOX brings new technologies optimally and space-saving into the building. The flexible concept of MULTIBOX accommodates both a combined power cable with speed pipes and an optical fibre cable routed separately to the building.

Advantage in house connection

MULTIBOX is up to the increased requirements. The energy meters of the latest generation from the leading manufacturers fit perfectly into the MULTIBOX housing. This means that the energy distributors have the power supply and energy metering centrally at a glance at the point of entry into the building.

The MULTIBOX can now be directly embedded in concrete using the simplest means. The flush-mounted version is mounted on the formwork in a few easy steps and adjusted to the wall thickness with the wing screws. After the pipes have been installed, they can be set in concrete. As soon as the formwork is stripped, the polystyrene block is removed, the safety elements installed and connected. The front frame and the cover form the end.

When installed, the MULTIBOX impresses with its clear and flexible design. The paintable lids or the stainless steel version make the MULTIBOX disappear or stand out in the wall - just as the architect or builder wishes.

Direct installation in concrete

The MULTIBOX can now be directly embedded in concrete using the simplest means.

Technical Details

• Direct mounting on formwork for easy embedding in concrete, tested with flowing concrete SVB

• Wall thickness adjustable from 18 to 25 cm

• MULTIBOX filled with polystyrene - tight all around so that no concrete water can penetrate

• Supply flange for 1 x M63 or 2 x M63

• Nozzles for metric outlet pipes M25 / M32 / M50

• Contact protection with 2-part, transparent, sealable cover

• Fuse links D III (32 A - 63 A) and DIN00 (6 A - 160 A)

• Neutral conductor isolator for transition from scheme TN-C to TN-S

• Standard version with bolt lock (square, 8 mm)


The MULTIBOX has evolved and taken on board the needs of the EW sector. Smart grids (intelligent power grids) are becoming increasingly important for power stations. As a result, the need for communication is increasing massively. Glass fibers are necessary for this. Security of transmission and protection against external interference and vandalism are of great importance. This calls for a solid solution like the MULTIBOX. I am convinced that the future house connection can no longer do without MULTIBOX.

Thomas Hanimann, Sales Manager, Nexans Suisse SA

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