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Start into Professional Life: SCHURTER in Lucerne welcomes 7 Talents

The beginning of August marks a significant time for many young people. These days herald the start of a new chapter as they make the leap into the professional world by commencing their apprenticeships – days filled with expectations, challenges, and opportunities.

The start for seven promising talents at SCHURTER in Lucerne is no less thrilling. The company is eager to welcome the fresh energies and ideas that will enrich their training workshops and offices from today onward. SCHURTER has long been considered one of the leading training companies for various apprenticeships in the region, providing not only knowledge but also laying a solid foundation for a promising professional future.

High-quality training is a top priority at SCHURTER. As a responsible company, SCHURTER invests not only in its own interests but also in the future of the younger generation. This fundamental principle is reflected in the support, guidance, and encouragement of the apprentices, offering them the best conditions for their professional careers.

What sets the training at SCHURTER apart is its extraordinary versatility. With a high degree of practical orientation, engaging tasks, and the opportunity to participate in cross-divisional projects, there is no room for boredom. Recognition of exceptional commitment and performance not only fosters a motivating environment but also rewards the pursuit of excellence.

With hearty congratulations and a call for joy and perseverance, the entire SCHURTER team wishes the newly-inducted apprentices an inspiring journey on their educational path. In the years to come, may each day bring them new insights and valuable experiences.

From left right: Philipp Petermann, Danylo Konovalenko, Maurizio Da Ros, Noah Schuler, Silas Ellenberger, Prajith Jeyarajah, Noée Hafner
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