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Schneider Electric India says thank you

SCHURTER Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. received a symbol of special appreciation from its customer Schneider Electric India, thanks to exceptional services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tohid Lokhandwala, Executive Director of SCHURTER Electronics (India), received the Thank You Memento from Schneider Electric India in recognition of the exceptional support provided during the pandemic.

Reliable partner

Early in the 2020 pandemic, many countries around the globe went into lockdown. India, for example, was completely closed off. All companies were forced to close down. The only exceptions were companies that manufactured vital products or products for the medical sector.

SCHURTER, as a supplier of critical components, especially for ventilators and other critical medical devices used to treat COVID-19 patients, received special permission from the authorities for this reason.

Even during the lockdown, when resources were severely limited, SCHURTER ensured regular supplies to Schneider in this way, enabling the company to manufacture its products, which were needed to provide energy management solutions for critical infrastructures (e.g. hospitals, data centers, etc.).

About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a multinational group with headquarters in France that provides products, controls, software, and services for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industry. They range from end-point to cloud integration. Schneider uses SCHURTER products such as fuses, fuse holders, connectors for their power distribution units, UPS, inverters, network racks and enclosures, and many more.

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