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Jonas Bachmann, new chairman of the IEC subcommittee 23G

After winning the "IEC 1906 Award" in 2020, the Head of Engineering at SCHURTER AG, Jonas Bachmann, was once again honored: On May 15, 2024, he was appointed Chairman of the IEC subcommittee 23G for appliance couplers.

As Chairman of SC 23G (IEC Technical Subcommittee for Appliance Couplers), Jonas Bachmann will be responsible for and help shape the strategic direction of IEC appliance couplers. In concrete terms, this means: Together with the respective committee, he will determine which projects will be worked on in the individual working groups of the technical committee. Which standards need to be revised? Which ones remain valid? And which new fields need to be developed? In addition, the chairman is also responsible for coordination with European and national panels.

Subcommittee 23G is part of Technical Committee 23 (TC 23). It is responsible for coordination between the various subcommittees and is linked to other technical committees within and outside the IEC. TC 23 is responsible for the aspects of safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, compatibility, interoperability, interchangeability and energy efficiency as well as the terminology for electrical accessories, all of which contribute to the global management of electrical energy.

Awarded already in 2020
With the "IEC 1906 Award", the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) annually honours people who have contributed outstandingly to the technical or organizational aspects of a current standards project. Jonas Bachmann was among the winners in 2020.

Jonas Bachmann, Head Engineering SCHURTER AG
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