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Contactless switch with customized color settings

Contactless, highly precise, and now also individually color-customizable: The new SCHURTER TTS RGB extends the technical finesse of the TTS switch introduced last year with the popular RGB functionality.

The TTS family is getting a new member in the form of a color-customizable variant, called: TTS RGB. All TTS switches use the highly precise Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology. Light is emitted by a transmitter and reflected by one or more objects. The reflected light beams are then detected and the distance is determined from the time of flight.

Colorful ring illumination

In addition to the pre-programmed bicolor switches, which are available in "Momentary" and "Latching" versions, the new RGB variant makes things much more colorful. Depending on the wiring, the customer can easily set the ring illumination color as desired.

High reliability

By default, the detection distance is programmed for 20 to 60 mm. This ensures that wiping/cleaning the switch surface will not trigger a signal. An advantage of ToF technology is that this sensor technology has no problems in differentiating dark from light surfaces. White or black objects: this has no effect on detection quality or speed.

Since the TTS has no moving parts, its service life is more than 20 million switching cycles. Thanks to its high IP protection class and the ability to "detect" rain, this switch is also ideally suited for outdoor use.

Application areas

The contactless switches of the TTS RGB family are extremely multifunctional. They can be used wherever contact should be avoided to the greatest possible extent. Examples would be doors, garbage cans, parking systems or sanitary areas.

Unique Selling Proposition

• Contactless switch with optical feedback

• Individual, customized color settings

• For applications in public areas (no smear infections)

• High precision detection

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