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SCHURTER AG has been working with Wärchbrogg for decades. To dismiss this cooperation as a purely social commitment would fall short. Employees of Wärchbrogg perform valuable work on behalf of SCHURTER AG. Punctually, reliably and with top quality.

The product portfolio of SCHURTER AG comprises almost 10,000 products. By no means all of these products can be manufactured fully automatically. Even though there is often talk of total automation. There is still a large amount of manual work. From simple, repetitive work to more complex tasks. This was already the case in the past and will not change in the foreseeable future. However, manual work is time-consuming, labor-intensive and therefore costly. And - very importantly - they must be carried out carefully and reliably.

Obvious cooperation
It was therefore obvious to enter into a cooperation with Wärchbrogg. The procedure is as follows. The responsible persons at SCHURTER AG place an order with their counterpart at Wärchbrogg. SCHURTER provides all materials and tools, the employees of Wärchbrogg carry out this work and deliver the finished products - often packaged and labeled - back to SCHURTER. The Wärchbrogg can thus justifiably be seen as SCHURTER's "extended workbench".

The employees of Wärchbrogg work almost exclusively on fuseholders. For example, they fit the fuseholder inserts for the FIN and FIO types with clamping and compression springs to ensure that the fuse that is later inserted is held securely in place. Sometimes, an O-ring is added here to increase tightness against dust and moisture.
Relatively new is the assembly of the open fuseholders of the OGN series with customer-specific ordered 5x20 fuses. SCHURTER offers these ready-assembled for easier processing by the end customer. On request, the OGN fuseholder in the Wärchbrogg can also be provided with an additional cover, which then protects it better.

Impressive quantities
The fact that the Wärchbrogg works properly is impressively demonstrated by the number of pieces produced for SCHURTER AG. The FIN/FIO fuse links and the preassembled OGN fuse holders easily add up to a million pieces per year.

Device connector
The 4761 series of appliance connectors is more complex. This appliance connector has a high IP protection rating, which means that it can also be used in very dusty or very humid environments. For this product, Wärchbrogg employees process the back with a 2-component potting compound and also insert a sealant gasket that makes the high resistance to dust and water possible in the first place.

Social responsibility
As the last large industrial company in the heart of the city of Lucerne, SCHURTER AG, as a globally active technology business, also feels obligated to be socially and culturally involved locally. It has been doing this for a long time in a wide variety of areas. In addition to the cooperation with Wärchbrogg, there are a handful of other institutions with which SCHURTER is in regular contact. SCHURTER considers these collaborations to be particularly important and valuable and intends to continue them in the future. Not least because of the first-class quality that these institutions provide in their work. A true win-win situation.

image: Wärchbrogg
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