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Noah Stadelmann

Computer scientist in training

At the start of the training period I was beat at the end of each day – physically and mentally. Working is simply something that is different from school. Now that all has leveled off; everything is going well. In school as well, where the vocational diploma courses are really demanding. But if one makes the effort, it's okay.

Together with my vocational adviser I have been introduced to various options that match my talents. I have worked on a trial basis as a multimedia-electronics technician, electronics technician and computer scientist. My favorite by far has been working at the PC. At SCHURTER – the company was recommended to me by my parents and relatives – the good work environment and working atmosphere made an impression me during the trial apprenticeship already. As a result, I was overjoyed when I got the apprenticeship position.

After somewhat more than three months, I am certain: The choice of a profession is the correct one and the training company as well. It is almost unbelievable what I have learned already. That gives you certainty and self-confidence. Both are helpful in my current assignment: this includes PC and Notebook support, the installation of TV equipment, printers or beamers, the equipping of a meeting room with the requisite technology each time, the replacement of defective products, the ordering of consumables or the integration of new users into the network. I receive outstanding instruction from the "senior trainee" and all of the employees in the IT team and expert guidance.

When I make a mistake, there is no drama. In fact, it is correctly pointed out to me, but the "complaint" always is constructive in nature with the appropriate learning effect. Furthermore, I also have received recognition for the work I performed, was lauded and praised – that is always especially good. Yes, the SCHURTER 5C – they have been an important topic since the first day of training – are actually a way of life and not simply letters on a piece of paper. I am also guided by them in my conduct.

Twice a week the vocational school in Sursee is on my daily schedule. On Monday I take courses in computer science (network, programming, data technology, coding). On Tuesday I prepare for the vocational diploma (German, English, French, mathematics and physics). Everything goes into a lot of detail and moves quickly forward. But I am interested, work hard and push myself to the limits so that I can achieve my goal. The way is still long, and I am proceeding with dedication, joy and confidence.

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