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Fabienne Köpfli

Businesswoman in training

I could also have imagined becoming a pharmacy technician. I did trial apprenticeships in various professions. A decisive factor in the selection of training to become a businesswoman was, first and foremost, that I see better prospects for the future. On the way to completing a vocational diploma the school expense to date has been somewhat greater than expected.

My parents also work in the Office. Due to my participation in the "Future Day" I was able to gain insights into everyday working life and therefore had a rather clear idea of what was expected of me in this profession. Furthermore, I know that by completing this apprenticeship and the diploma many different opportunities will be available.

In the first month of my apprenticeship I was assigned to the Reception. Presumably also to become acquainted already with the other SCHURTER employees. Now I have been working for two months in "Procurement" and will until the end of the first year. Here I can already initiate purchase requisitions independently, then check the order confirmations of the suppliers as well as monitor compliance with the delivery dates and, if necessary, file a complaint. Later I will acquire more practical experience in Sales then (Switzerland and export) and in Finance.

My direct contact person is the practical trainer. She mentors and supports me during my work here in the company, but also keeps an eye on my school achievements. I am required to present unsatisfactory school grades to her. In addition, there is a discussion every month during which I receive feedback about my performance. All this is aimed at effectively encouraging the SCHURTER apprentices at all times and ensuring a successful training. Fortunately everything has been fine thus far!

After the first quarter I can say: I am at the right place. I like working at my beautiful workstation with a lot of natural light. Furthermore, the attitude in the team is really outstanding – that is encouraging. And: I like the variety, with two vocational school days a week, even if several hours of work have to be done afterwards in order to be up to par again in the school subjects seven days later.

I am right at the beginning of my training. But I could already imagine continuing to work at SCHURTER, even after completing the apprenticeship. At some point a longer stay at a language school abroad is still on the agenda. That is a long way off. Apropos: during my leisure time I play the violin. I have given up dancing since the start of the apprenticeship because of the lack of time.

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