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Tobias Banz

Automation technician in training

Even as a small boy I was interested in technology. I wanted to become an inventor or an engineer. During my decision to select a profession I was guided very well by my parents and my teacher. The decisive factor for automation technician was probably the electrical or the electronic. With a vocational diploma many doors will be open to me after the training.

Polymechanic, draftsman and electronics technician were on my list of professions that I could ever imagine. I was able to complete the trial automation technician apprenticeship during an entire week at SCHURTER. A trainee took me by the hand. I really liked the soldering and the programming. I felt at ease in this company from the very beginning. For that reason, it was then my first choice. Fortunately, the feeling was mutual.

The everyday routine constantly brings a lot of new things for me as a trainee. And I am gradually being given more and more responsibility. Thus I can acquire valuable practical experience, which makes the practical courses outside the company, which we have to attend, almost superfluous.

Still I – always well supervised – am already receiving assignments at SCHURTER, for example, if an operational system is defective. I regard my specific counterpart, as exemplified by my work colleagues in the department, with respect and empathy. In concrete terms, it means finding the source of the fault and resolving the problem as quickly as possible, either directly on site at the machine or at my workstation. Depending on which location, I then also have to order the necessary spare part. I am also learning how to build a circuit diagram in practice and to draw it, program the controls and am receiving training in wiring technology.

Compared to my school colleagues, it occurs to me that the field of work at SCHURTER is definitely more versatile than at other companies. I am always glad when I receive an assignment and am allowed to develop my own solution. It is important to heed the specific safety aspects, for electricity is not entirely without risk. But really a lot of trust is placed in my work. There is never any lack of diversity with the multi-faceted nature of the work.

When I look ahead to the time after completing the apprenticeship, first comes the traditional military service. Afterwards I will, if all goes according to plan, attend the technical center with a full-time workload for two years and continue my education to become an engineer in the field of electronics. Thus my boyhood dream would actually have come true. Last but not least thanks to SCHURTER.

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