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Ralph Müller


Ralph Müller

I like a fast pace, whether in my profession or during my free time, for example, while skiing or running. My position as the CEO of the SCHURTER Holding AG demands quick decision-making, excellent networking and a lot of communication with a wide variety of people from different cultures. Often a balancing act...

My main responsibility as CEO is to create momentum in the SCHURTER Group in keeping with the corporate strategy. Here I am the person who gives directions and sets the pace. The challenge is to keep all of the needs in equilibrium if possible and, at the same time, to keep an eye on the long-term objectives. This long-term orientation gives the company stability. During all of the changes, also due to the market, SCHURTER however does not tack back and forth. One senses the owner family with its complete integrity in the background, which provides a sustainable point of view designed for the long-term. That is rather unusual in the industry, and I value this attitude greatly.

My day-to-day work is characterized by close networking with the group affiliates. I am in daily contact with many different people: employees, customers, suppliers and partners. I find this exchange very enriching, particularly when it also crosses cultural boundaries. My goal is to continue to develop SCHURTER’s corporate culture globally and to bring the state of knowledge up to a level that is as similar as possible. I am striving for a company with motivated, forward-looking employees. The management and I as a whole need to set the example here.

With my change from the CEO of SCHURTER AG in Lucerne to head of the entire SCHURTER Group in January 2015, my role in the company has changed once again. Trust in particular is a central subject. I need and experience a high degree of trust – and I hopefully also invest generously in trust. Careful treatment of it throughout the entire company is important to me. The result is a very fair, friendly dealing with one another and above average, long-term working and business relationships.

Anyone who works at SCHURTER receives an attractive total package of career opportunities, wages and supplementary benefits. We offer the employees outstanding conditions and a lot of freedom to develop, make a difference and advance professionally. I experienced that myself in the company. Anyone who shows initiative can make his mark at SCHURTER.

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