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Harry Mayr

Head SCHURTER Solutions

Harry Mayr

I love building something, defining a goal and taking an active role in designing the processes necessary to achieve the objective. My former competitive sport impressed on me at an early stage the need to accept new challenges with enthusiasm and, together with a motivated, dedicated team, to pursue a set objective with determination. The successful development of SCHURTER Solutions offers me precisely this vision.

When there is a vision I look forward to contributing to finding the path that leads to its realization. That has been and still is my passion. After my training as a toolmaker and three years working in the profession, I went into Sales. Working for a supplier of electromechanical components I was able to develop from a member of the staff to CEO in ten years. My mentor at the time encouraged me greatly, but also repeatedly gave me the opportunity to take on and implement new challenges. Numerous additional training programs, courses and studies during this period led to my completion of a Master of Business Administration in 2009. Then I changed the employer and worked for three years at a family-owned Swiss company in the field of high-voltage electrical systems for hybrid vehicles.

Through my network I had contacts with the SCHURTER Company. When I learned what the company was planning with the Solutions, it was clear to me: "This is it!" Now I have been at SCHURTER since 2013 and have the opportunity to be an entrepreneur within the company. With Solutions SCHURTER is acting as a provider of innovative solutions. Crucial for our project are the resources in Switzerland, but also at our branches and subsidiaries abroad, especially in Romania and Germany. I really appreciate being able to work on a project that transcends departments and national boundaries. With all this one-stop expertise we are able to respond creatively and quickly to current market trends and customer needs.

Although I travel a lot, the immediate work environment is also very important to me. It is essential for me that top management supports our work with great commitment. We are receiving a lot of strategic and operative support. In addition, I am very grateful that my team consists of above-average employees, for that is the key to what we have already achieved and to future customer requirements.

The values that are personally important to me I find also in my work environment. In the team, for example, we make a lot of demands on one another but always in an absolutely respectful way. Respect and a sense of responsibility are core values for me. It is great to work with a team that takes responsibility for its actions. The cultural values at SCHURTER promote real enjoyment of the work particularly during the realization of a project such as Solutions. This way I really enjoy my challenges.

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